Layman's Terms

The career portfolio of Matt J. Layman

hey there.

I’m Matt Layman. I’m a former sports reporter and multimedia professional from Phoenix, Ariz.

This website previously was to showcase my work as a sports writer, but now it also includes a few website designs I completed while working as a Web Content Specialist for a startup called doneWebs in 2021.


In my time as a journalist, I primarily covered the Arizona Coyotes, but also provided coverage of other pro and college teams in the Phoenix area. I left that to pursue other opportunities in September of 2020. I now live in Dallas, Texas.

One thought on “hey there.

  1. I enjoy following your comments from Montreal. My Grandson Joey Daccord is a freshman goalie this year at ASU. Are you aware if their is a record of the amount of goals given up by goalies, how many were scored on the power play.
    Thanks and looking forward to visiting ASU this winter season.
    As we say in French Merci Beaucoup

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