Layman's Terms

The career portfolio of Matt J. Layman

hey there.

I’m Matt Layman. I’m a sports journalist and multimedia professional from Phoenix, Ariz.


There’s a lot of good in what I get to do for a living. I’ve loved writing since I was a child. I’ve had an interest in journalism since I was in middle school. I’ve been a sports fan since I got to high school and I’ve had a passion for this work since I began it at Arizona State University.

Since the summer of 2017, I’ve had the pleasure of assisting with the Arizona Coyotes coverage at while also serving as the social media manager. In a way, that title doesn’t do my work justice; In my time with Arizona Sports (which is also KTAR News on 92.3 FM), I’ve written and reported on multiple sports, appeared in videos, shot and edited videos, designed graphics, analyzed web traffic data and even done some voice work on the radio and online.

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I’ve covered the NHL on a nightly basis, I’ve reported in the Phoenix heat as protesters marched, I’ve stood intently as a rehabbing pitcher worked on a spring training practice field, I’ve borne the raucous crowd of a Donald Trump rally and I’ve gotten to learn how a professional newsroom is run and what makes it successful.


The best part?

I’ve still got most of my career ahead of me. I’ve seen so much already because someone took a chance on me and saw my potential when I finished my sports journalism and political science degrees at ASU.

Now, I do what I can every day to prove they made the right choice.

This website exists to show what I’ve been doing in that pursuit.


One thought on “hey there.

  1. I enjoy following your comments from Montreal. My Grandson Joey Daccord is a freshman goalie this year at ASU. Are you aware if their is a record of the amount of goals given up by goalies, how many were scored on the power play.
    Thanks and looking forward to visiting ASU this winter season.
    As we say in French Merci Beaucoup

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