The Arizona Coyotes’ Jordan Martinook is playing in the NHL after making the team out of training camp for the first time.

Martinook got a taste of the NHL last year, skating in eight games and collecting one assist with the Coyotes. This season, after making the final roster after the preseason, Martinook has played in 22 games, scoring two goals with three assists.


Just 18 games after scoring his first NHL goal, here’s what Jordan Martinook had to say about playing on the big stage:

Matt Layman: How do you think the season has gone for you so far?

Jordan Martinook: I think it’s going pretty good. Obviously, whenever the team is over .500, that’s something to be proud of. Personally, I think I’ve fit in well here, just kind of made my spot to fit me. I’ve really jumped on the role that I’ve been given.

ML: What was the feeling when you found out you made the team out of training camp?

Martinook: It’s a dream come true. Obviously it’s something you dream of since you’re a little kid. Last year, I got a taste of it, this year to make it out of camp was my goal and something that I really really wanted and to be able to do it was something I’m pretty proud of.

ML: Is there anyone on the team or in the organization that’s helped you adjust to being an NHL player?

Martinook: I think everybody. It’s an unreal group of guys here. There’s four of us rookies. Everybody’s been really, really good to us and made us feel comfortable, and helped us along the way. It’s been everything you could ask for.

ML: What do your family and friends back home think about you being in the NHL?

Martinook: They’re pretty excited. Usually after every game, I’m getting a text or Snapchat. Every time we get some home games, there’s family and friends coming down. It’s a pretty quick and easy flight from Edmonton, so I’m sure I’ll have some visitors throughout the year.

ML: What do you think your teammates here in the room would say about you as a player as a person?

Martinook: Umm-

Connor Murphy: Nothing good.

ML: Connor, you want to comment on who Jordan Martinook is as a player and person?

Murphy: I don’t really want to comment (laughs). No he’s a fast, hard-working player that will put his body on the line for everyone. He’s just an all-around good guy to hang out with outside.

Martinook: Aww, thanks Murph!

ML: Anything else you want to add, Jordan?

Martinook: No, I think Murph said it all. That’s a good compliment coming from a guy like him.

ML: Thanks, guys.

Martinook: Thank you.