PHOENIX — Meghan McCain, the host of Fox News’ “The Outnumbered,” seemed frustrated Wednesday with the grandstanding in Washington over Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and with the tension in Congress over the health care bill.

McCain, also the daughter of Arizona Sen. John McCain, seemed to imply to Mac and Gaydos on KTAR News 92.3 FM that both sides are handling poorly the confirmation process of Gorsuch, President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee to replace Justice Scalia.

She said she’s against the “nuclear option,” a political tool used by a majority party to lower the threshold of votes necessary to confirm a nominee. The Senate is reportedly preparing to use the nuclear option.

“For me, I hate the nuclear option,” McCain said. “I think any American who loves our diplomatic process and loves how our government functions should hate this. Because you’re literally changing the rules in order to get someone put on the Supreme Court, just because you’re in power.”

That said, McCain defended Gorsuch.

“On the other hand, Democrats are completely playing party politics. There is absolutely no reason that anyone has given me — that I find valid — that Neil Gorsuch isn’t completely capable of being on the Supreme Court.”

She pointed out that Gorsuch had bipartisan support in 2006 from the very Democrats who are now blocking his confirmation.

“I hate that they’re playing politics. I hate that this seems like revenge for Merrick Garland (President Obama’s unconfirmed SCOTUS nominee), but I think the tricky part is that if we go and use this nuclear option — which would be the first time we’ve ever done it — Republicans may not always be in power. So do we really want to set this precedent that whatever party is in power can use the nuclear option whenever they see fit?”

Health care flop, Part II?

McCain said a week ago that she was disappointed in the way the GOP handled the American Health Care Act, which was withdrawn before it came to a vote.

On Wednesday, she was asked if she was surprised that Republicans could introduce a revised bill so quickly.

“I think it was such a political disaster that we just gave Democrats their ad that they can run during the midterm election: ‘Republicans are incapable of getting anything done. If they revisit this though, and bring it back on the table and blow it a second time, I really may lose my mind on this show.”

McCain raised skepticism as to whether the Freedom Caucus would get on board with a second GOP plan or “meet in the middle.”

“I don’t have a lot of faith going forward,” she said. “I don’t know if you guys do, but I have yet to see the ‘art of the deal’ really make a lot of progress with this.”