PHOENIX — While speaking at an event on Tuesday evening, Arizona Sen. John McCain reportedly compared the scandals surrounding President Donald Trump to the Watergate scandal.

Tim Mak, a political correspondent with The Daily Beast, Tweeted the remark within a thread of other quotes and notes from McCain’s appearance. Mak said the longtime Arizona senator was speaking at the “International Republican Institute where he is receiving the Freedom Award.”

McCain has been both a critic and a source of insight when it has come to turmoil in the Trump administration, not the least of which is the most recent revelation that Trump was alleged to have asked recently-fired FBI director James Comey to stop investigating former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Comey stated in a memo that Trump did just that.

But other scandals — like the firing of Comey, Flynn’s resignation and the allegation that Trump revealed classified information to Russia — have stoked a fire in the embattled president’s camp.

McCain’s comparison of Trump’s scandals to Watergate is certainly more than a light jab. The Watergate scandal eventually led to Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974 after the former president was linked to a break-in at the Democratic National Committee offices in Washington.

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake (R) and Rep. Ruben Gallego (D) also chimed in on Tuesday regarding Comey’s memo.